The New Educational Paradigm

The Intelligent platform to make learning engaging and flexible

A gamified intelligent platform that supports professors to redesign their courses

Civita-Laurea is an intelligent and gamified platform, that allows to redesign the existing courses at universities, secondary schools and other educative institutions, in a flexible and engaging way.

By using AI models and motivational design, our system classifies and customizes the courses to the different students’ profiles.

The system will care about evaluations and activities assigned to each student, based on their profiles.

With our system, the professors’ time will be optimized and they will be able to focus on analyzing their students’ progress and guide them, in real-time.

laura sánchez fernández - ceo at civita laurea

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Our services

Our services are based on three pillars

Courses' contents classification and diagnosis

We organize and classify the content, by creating a database and providing reports about the subject covered.

Users' profiles report

We identify the students' skills, previous knowledge, and learning paths, as well as professors' expectations and strengths.

Intelligent gamified platform and flexible instructional design

Our platform will provide recommendations in real-time adapted to the teaching-learning goals. In consequence, we will optimize the users' time, engagement, and motivation.

Our opinion

The educational system has been in checkmate for the past few years. This is a unique historical moment and we must take advantage of it to make the paradigm shifts that were already out of date.

Artificial Intelligence models applied in education, are a great ally to recover the humanization of the educational system and the effective connection between teachers and students.
Laura Sánchez Fernández
CEO & Founder
Today, professors’ quality and suitability are questioned; similarly, they argue that the time spent on their work is not reflected.

Artificial Intelligence can be the ignition of a global wave in providing personalized education which generates global impact.

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